[Spce-user] Internal error when using TLS

Jirka Jirout jirka.jirout at mac.com
Fri Aug 31 11:38:31 EDT 2012

Hello Andreas,

>> So to me it looks like the B2BUA is trying to reach the TLS client using plain TCP instead of TLS and logically fails.
> Are you sure about that? I don't even think the B2BUA supports TCP :)
> I guess it's rather like proxy->B2BUA->lb, and from there it goes to the
> IP/port of the Contact using the indicated transport, which is TCP in
> your case.
OK, I was not very exact here. I meant the B2BUA was telling the LB to use TCP to talk to a client that was in fact using tls.

> This is the correct format we're expecting, right.
Yep, after changing our client to use this form, it works as expected.

thanks, jj

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