[Spce-user] sip:provider CE v2.7 is out!

Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Fri Dec 21 18:36:54 EST 2012

Hi all,

We've just released v2.7 of the sip:provider CE!

There are lots of internal changes and fixes, but the main features are 
outlined here: 

The most important change for current v2.6 users is the new network.yml 
configuration file. During the upgrade procedure, a script will scan 
your machine's network interface configuration and create this new file, 
and based on that, your old network.* settings from config.yml 
(especially network.eaddress) are migrated to network.yml.

The good news about this is that this change paves the way for adding 
web and command line interface to modify the whole network configuration 
of the server without having to touch /etc/network/interfaces and 
config.yml, and it also builds the foundation to scale out a CE node 
(we've already pushed lots of config changes for kamailio-lb and 
kamailio-proxy into 2.7 for that, more infos on how to leverage them 
will follow in the upcoming blog posts over the next weeks).

The bad news is if you use customtt-files on your v2.6 system, you need 
to port them forward to 2.7, as the old network.* settings got dropped.

As usual we provided VM images for 2.7 to test-drive the release, as 
well as an upgrade procedure for 2.6 users, check 
http://www.sipwise.com/doc/2.7/spce for instructions. Please let us know 
if you run into any issues with either of them.

The whole Sipwise team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy new v2.7!


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