[Spce-user] Same SIP peer in multiple peer groups.

Joel Smith | VOZELIA joel at vozelia.com
Sun Dec 23 15:51:57 EST 2012


One of our providers requires me to send them 4 digits before the
destination number, and depending on those 4 digits we have different
billing plans applied, I use a simple rewrite rule that does that. The
thing is I need to add a same peer (with different rewrite rules plan
applied) into two different peer groups. Yes, I know this is not
supported by default.

If I drop the "lcr_id_ip_addr_idx" and "lcr_id_gw_name_idx" indexes
from "kamailio.lcr_gw" table, I'm able to insert multiple peers with
the same IP manually directly inserting in the "voip_peer_hosts"

INSERT INTO provisioning.voip_peer_hosts (group_id,name,ip,transport)

Everything works (so far..). If I try instead through the Admin-GUI I
get a duplicate error and the peer is not added. Can anyone help me
out with this? What else do I have to touch so the GUI lets me add
multiple peers with the same IP?

Merry Christmas to all :-)

Best regards,

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