[Spce-user] Asterisk SIP Trunk to Sipwise - Subscriber or something else?

Jon Bonilla (Manwe) jbonilla at sipwise.com
Thu Dec 27 04:22:44 EST 2012

El Wed, 26 Dec 2012 15:56:02 -0500
"Kevin Masse" <kmasse at questblue.com> escribió:

Hi Kevin

> Here is a simple breakdown of the situation.
> Installation of sipwise was done by following full install instructions
> provided.  There were no errors in this process.
> ·         Inbound calls are routing to Asterisk Box via Subscriber e.164
> number match.  This works without any issues.   (no nat, asterisk is sitting
> on public IP)  This is working because I have the Asterisk box allowing
> anonymous SIP calls for testing avoiding having to register the trunk.

Are you allowing unauthenticated calls from spce peer or globally? If it's the
second you should remove that. Use the "insecure" setting in sip.conf, but
never "allowguest"

Example for a 1.4 box (should more or less work the same for newer versions)


> ·         Inbound calls are routing to a telephone registered as a subscriber
> directly to sipwise.  This works without any issues.  (NAT in use, telephone
> is behind router)  
> ·         Outbound calls from the telephone registered as a subscriber
> directly to sipwise are working perfect.  No issues here.
> The issue I am having is the SIP trunk registering to sipwise and getting
> banned every time I make a call attempt.

What's your register line, you sip peer configuration at sip.conf and what's
the ngrep-sip of those registrations?

> The configuration sample provide here appear straight forward but I need to
> understand the process a little better.
> 1st Do I want my Asterisk box to register to the sipwise as a subscriber with
> the subscriber name and password?

If you have a static public ip you can leave the asterisk as subscriber but
don't register it (you can fake a permanent contact for it) 

YOu can also trust the ip address and don't request authentication (check the
trusted preferences.) But don't make it because you have asterisk configuration
problems. Better to debug them first.

> 2nd Do I want my Asterisk box to register to the sipwise server as something
> else to be able to make outbound calls?

As subscriber.

> What ends up happening when I try all of the sip trunk settings in the list
> examples is the Asterisk box ends up getting banned under System
> Administration à Security Bans à Users   (The IP is not getting banned just
> the user)

The user won't be bale to make calls (the authentication process is never
reached for banned users) until the ban expires because it's banned. This
prevents brute force attacks against user/password.

> I can provide lots of information but it may not be needed if the above 2
> questions have an answer.  I can keep reading from there.
> Happy Holidays!

Same to you! Merry christmas!

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