[Spce-user] how register asterisk as subscriber

Jayesh Labade jayesh.labade at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 06:37:27 EST 2012

I got this when i tried with username option. I am using asterisk 1.8

NOTICE[31785]: chan_sip.c:26791 build_peer: The 'username' field for sip
peers has been deprecated in favor of the term 'defaultuser'

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On Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 4:03 PM, Andrew Pogrebennyk <apogrebennyk at sipwise.com
> wrote:

> On 01/02/2012 11:27 AM, Andrew Pogrebennyk wrote:
> > On 01/02/2012 11:16 AM, Jayesh Labade wrote:
> >> from couple of days i am struggling with this. Any hints for this?
> >
> > It's not something I have tried before. Could you try to run command
> > 'ngrep-sip br' and send me the trace?
> Also did you try to specify "username" in your [test02] section, or
> "defaultuser" if this is asterisk 1.6+ (but that's what Jon has already
> suggested)?
> The username config option has dual use:
>    When Asterisk registers with another SIP proxy, the username is used
> in digest authentication
>    When asterisk boots, we have no information on a dynamic peer, a
> peer that registers. In order to be able to place a call to the phone,
> Asterisk sends an INVITE to username at defaultip .
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