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Kurt Ingleson kurt at pacomms.co.uk
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Ok so this is kindof for everyone a general question, seeing as the spce isn't gonna have ivr now or in the future except for pro is there any way i can link an incoming number from the spce box to say an asterisk or freeswitch box for ivr and then pass the selected digits back to the spce, also could that asterisk box be used for presence, we are looking at implementing a hosted solution, its a toss up between whistle from 2600hz or this system, its just the lack of functions thats making me swing away from spce, for example most people signing up for a office hosted pbx would deffo want presence, hunt groups and possibly ivr menus, also day and night switching etc etc, is any of this possible on the spce or is the spce box best used for providing either sip trunks to other boxes or basic telephony for home users ? i have asked if spce pro can be installed on my own boxes and got no reply as of yet, but the cost of the pro is i feel a little excessive when there are other free products on the market that do more, granted maybe without the billing modules etc etc and the very cool user interface but, well whadda you think or have i got the wrong end of the stick for what spce is really for,

Thanks alot

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On 01/09/2012 12:26 PM, Kurt Ingleson wrote:
> Sorry I'm not sure howto cc the list in , as I understand. 

Just press "reply to all" or "reply to list", depending on your mail client.

> Your last email, groups will be in ce but ivr only on pro ? 


> One other thing does ce. Do blf or presence

Also PRO only. Actually, there will be a full hosted-pbx implementation in PRO by mid of this year.


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