[Spce-user] Billings and fees

Michael Molina saudadez at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 29 18:27:05 EDT 2012

Trying to amke the billing features work. I am a bit confused about the format concerning the fees. For example:
Here: interval charge: A base fee for the billing interval, specifying a monetary amount (represented as a floating point number),
say I want to charge one cent per minute, I have tried to input the amount as follows: 19.99 that would be per month. For the FREE time, 
I input 120000 seconds which equals 2000 minutes. All of this on the profile page. Now when I edit the Biling Fees for a particular billing profile, 
and assuming that the onpeak and offpeak rates are identical and say I will charge one cent a minute for anything above the free time allowed on this 
particular profile, how would I input that 1 cent amount? Like this 0.01? this would be per minute. The instructions call for a rate in cents per second.
As I understand it (and I know I am wrong hence the fact that I am writing this), the amount to be input would be: 1.66 am I correct? 
What I get on my calculator is this 1.666666666666666666667e-4 I have tried everything to no avail. I did some investigating about floting numbers
but no joy. I don't get a call rated is always zero. I am testing this on a test machine (three day install) latest build.
It tis important that I learned this as soon as possible. I guess this number can be translated into 0.000167 but I am really confused and I need this billing system. 
As I uderstand it once the free time has finished the extra minutes should be rated and billed. Also I need to rate international calls. To everyone in that part 
of the world and everywhere actually, enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Michael Molina. 		 	   		  
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