[Spce-user] Fraud Notify

Mario Contreras mario.contreras at innovasur.es
Tue Jul 10 07:32:59 EDT 2012

Thanks for the quick answer, Jon.

I haveseen this query in the script:

SELECT c.id, p.fraud_interval_lock, p.fraud_interval_notify,
                b.cash_balance_interval, p.fraud_interval_limit
           FROM contracts c, billing_profiles p, contract_balances b
          WHERE p.id = (SELECT m.billing_profile_id
                          FROM billing_mappings m
                         WHERE (   m.start_date IS NULL
                                OR m.start_date <= now())
                           AND (   m.end_date IS NULL
                                OR m.end_date >= now())
                           AND m.contract_id = c.id
                      ORDER BY m.start_date desc limit 1)
            AND b.contract_id = c.id
            AND b.start <= now()
            AND b.end >= now()
            AND c.status = 'active'
            AND p.fraud_interval_limit > 0
            AND (   p.fraud_interval_lock
                 OR p.fraud_interval_notify)
            AND b.cash_balance_interval >= p.fraud_interval_limit

If I understand correctly, the value cash_balance interval depends on 
the free cash you give to your customers every billing interval. So, it 
doesn't work if you configure to zero the interval free cash? Maybe my 
configuration is wrong, beacuse for all my contracts the 
cash_balance_interal is equal to zero. However, in one of my billing 
profiles I have selected free time, and both free_time_balance and 
free_time_balance_interval have the correct values.

Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks again!

El 10/07/2012 12:58, Jon Bonilla escribió:
> El Tue, 10 Jul 2012 12:36:26 +0200
> Mario Contreras <mario.contreras at innovasur.es> escribió:
>> Hi all,
>> When it's called the script that check the frauds configured in the
>> billing profiles? I have a subscriber that has exceded in 150 € the
>> limit, but rateomat has been stopped a few hours. Anyway, I have already
>> activated rateomat but I haven't received any notification and the
>> subscriber can make calls (I think so, I don't know where look for if
>> it's or not blocked).
>> So, in summary, where can i consult if a subscriber is blocked? And, how
>> rateomat acts to notify the fraud?
> rate-o-mat does not take care in the fraud checking. It just rates. It's a cron
> job. You can find it in /etc/cron.d/
> The script itself is /usr/sbin/ngcp-fraud-auto-lock You can call it manually or
> check the code.
> The status of the subscriber can be checked via soap/xmlrpc and in the
> www-admin interface.
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