[Spce-user] Reminder & Voicebox problem

Daniel Speichert daniel at speichert.pl
Sat Mar 3 08:04:47 EST 2012

I have set up SipWise:CE in KVM, so this time MEDIAPROXY module can be 
properly loaded.
The box has public IP set in config.yml.
Everything works fine except reminder calls and voicebox.

Here is the output from  asterisk -rvvvvvvvvvv:

Connected to Asterisk (Community supported branch) currently running on sip (pid = 1670)
Verbosity is at least 10
     -- Attempting call on SIP/sip_proxy/jerzy__AT__sip.leofon.pl for s at reminder:1 (Retry 1)
[Mar  3 13:57:02] WARNING[1755]: chan_sip.c:12654 handle_response_invite: Received response: "Forbidden" from '"asterisk"<sip:reminder at sip.leofon.pl>;tag=as342ec46a'
        >  Channel SIP/sip_proxy-00a89f70 was never answered.
[Mar  3 13:57:02] NOTICE[23819]: pbx_spool.c:356 attempt_thread: Call failed to go through, reason (8) Congestion (circuits busy)

When it comes to Voicebox, the recording works fine, however there are 
no welcome message played.
The owner of mailbox cannot hear anything when dialing 2000, here is the 
debug message:

    Connected to Asterisk (Community supported branch) currently running on sip (pid = 1670)
    Verbosity is at least 10
         -- Executing [abc124 at sip_in:1] Macro("SIP/5060-00a89f70", "voicemailowner_nopass|124") in new stack
         -- Executing [s at macro-voicemailowner_nopass:1] Answer("SIP/5060-00a89f70", "") in new stack
         -- Executing [s at macro-voicemailowner_nopass:2] Set("SIP/5060-00a89f70", "TIMEOUT(digit)=5") in new stack
         -- Digit timeout set to 5
         -- Executing [s at macro-voicemailowner_nopass:3] Set("SIP/5060-00a89f70", "TIMEOUT(response)=10") in new stack
         -- Response timeout set to 10
         -- Executing [s at macro-voicemailowner_nopass:4] Wait("SIP/5060-00a89f70", "1") in new stack
         -- Executing [s at macro-voicemailowner_nopass:5] VoiceMailMain("SIP/5060-00a89f70", "s124") in new stack
         --<SIP/5060-00a89f70>  Playing 'vm-youhave' (language 'en')
         --<SIP/5060-00a89f70>  Playing 'digits/1' (language 'en')
         --<SIP/5060-00a89f70>  Playing 'vm-Old' (language 'en')
         --<SIP/5060-00a89f70>  Playing 'vm-message' (language 'en')
         --<SIP/5060-00a89f70>  Playing 'vm-onefor' (language 'en')
         --<SIP/5060-00a89f70>  Playing 'vm-Old' (language 'en')
         --<SIP/5060-00a89f70>  Playing 'vm-messages' (language 'en')
         --<SIP/5060-00a89f70>  Playing 'vm-opts' (language 'en')
         --<SIP/5060-00a89f70>  Playing 'vm-helpexit' (language 'en')
    [Mar  3 14:02:47] WARNING[1755]: chan_sip.c:1980 retrans_pkt: Maximum retries exceeded on transmission YmJjMTllZTZiYWVkMDQ2MjRlOWQ5NWEyM2YyMzkwMjE. for seqno 2 (Critical Response) -- See doc/sip-retransmit.txt.
    [Mar  3 14:02:47] WARNING[1755]: chan_sip.c:2002 retrans_pkt: Hanging up call YmJjMTllZTZiYWVkMDQ2MjRlOWQ5NWEyM2YyMzkwMjE. - no reply to our critical packet (see doc/sip-retransmit.txt).
       == Spawn extension (macro-voicemailowner_nopass, s, 5) exited non-zero on 'SIP/5060-00a89f70' in macro 'voicemailowner_nopass'
       == Spawn extension (sip_in, abc124, 1) exited non-zero on 'SIP/5060-00a89f70'

Do you know how to fix that problem? I ran out of ideas.
I'd really appreciate your help here.

Daniel Speichert

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