[Spce-user] Routing question

Raúl Alexis Betancor Santana rabs at dimension-virtual.com
Wed Mar 21 08:10:27 EDT 2012

Hi all,

We are using CE 2.4 with some custom templates, but have a doubd about
how to handle a routing situation.

We have defined 2 Peering contracts with 3 peering groups, 2 groups
for contract 1 and 1 group for contract 2.
Each group have, at least 1 peering server, and group 3 have 4 peering

If we whant that an specific gateway to be used for and specific
outbound route for an specifict subscriber, who should we setup the
peering rules withing a peering group?

As far as I undestand from the handbook, we will have to create a new
peering group with that specific gateway and then add the peering

I have done that, but when I try that subscriber with CLI 34888, if
dial 22288 then have to go throught GWn I don't that, and call is
routed by the 'defalt peering rule'.

I have setup the pering rule inside the specific peering group as:

Calee Prefix      Caller Pattern          Description
222[0-9]{2}       34[0-9]{3}              Special route

But calls still routed by the 'default peering rule', that is the same
as the commented on the handbook: 'blank, blank, Default rule'

Have we done something wrongly ?

Best regards

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