[Spce-user] monitoring daily packet loss and jitter

Matthew Ogden matthew at tenacit.net
Mon May 7 08:08:37 EDT 2012

Does spce have a way to monitor calls for a day, and active calls the way
asterisk can?

(The same sip show channels in spce asterisk is obviously not reflecting
routed calls).

I am interested in packet loss and jitter, both real time, and for
reporting. I assume these are good thinks to keep track of?

Especially on the peering side? Maybe This is a silly thing to keep a eye
on, but all comments are welcome.

Peer             Call ID      Duration Recv: Pack  Lost       (     %)
Jitter Send: Pack  Lost       (     %) Jitter

IP_HERE    6be1567b15f  00:04:22 0000012863  0000000002 ( 0.02%) 000000
0000004296  0000000000 ( 0.00%) 000004

IP_HERE    01e33a956ec  00:00:41 0000000669  0000061374 (98.92%) 000000
0000000668  0000000000 ( 0.00%) 000000
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