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Akhil Chandra achandra at telrouter.com
Fri May 11 21:21:27 EDT 2012

Sorry, my bad .. Did not look at Subscriber preferences ..

Now its working fine 




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Hi there,


I am currently trying to do some interoperability with asterisk.


My setup:

Sipwise CE : ( latest, installed from NetISO) 

Has 2 subscribers : 1-333-333-3333(asterisk) and 1222-222-2222 (x-lite).

Asterisk registers with a contact of "sip:s@ <sip:s@%3cipaddress%3e>


Both are registered fine and asterisk can call xlite, no issues.( ie
1-333-333-3333 to 1-222-222-2222)

But if I dial the reverse 1-222-222-2222 to 1-333-333-3333, SIPWISE sends a
call to s@<ipaddress>  with the "To" field as 13333333333@<ipaddress>


I think because of this asterisk is unable to determine the "called Party's
number" .. Is there a way to send the "To" field in REQUEST URI or make
changes such that REQUEST URI contains the number?


In asterisk, I have configured extensions.conf such that if someone dials
13333333333, it should ring 1 local extension, which is never executed as
the number is never matched.


Thanks in advance,



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