[Spce-user] Hide Caller Id-Dial *67

Jon Bonilla (Manwe) jbonilla at sipwise.com
Tue May 15 16:23:20 EDT 2012

El Tue, 15 May 2012 00:56:41 -0700
Michael Molina <saudadez at hotmail.com> escribió:

Hi Michael

> The web inteface and the admin interface also, offer an option to hide the
> outbound caller id for a particular subscriber. Our version is 2.2 with a
> couple of patches. Also in the event of a customer wanting to hide thier
> caller-ID for a particular call only what would the rewrite rule be for *67
> (USA dialing). For example I want to dial 626-555-5555. I need to dial the
> number like this *6716265555555. It should hide the caller-ID for this call
> only.

The default vertical service code for hidding the callerid for a simple call
(or showing it if it's always hidden) is 31. That means that you should call
like this: *31*16265555555 which of course you don't want.

As you said, the way to go in you case is rewrite rules, because unless you
change kamailio's templates, the vertical service code activation has always
the '*code*number' format.

Our friend Carsten Bock wrote a blog post about his rewrite rules for service


I's say in your case that you could simply change '*67' for '*31*' like this
(not tested, works in my mind):

^\*67([1-9][0-9]+)$   -->   *31*\1

> Now, say we hide the caller-ID forever, how would an emergency call
> (again USA 911) be seen at the 911 office?. Would the caller-ID hidding
> feature be overidden? so they can tell where the call is coming from?. When
> the "hide caller-ID" function is activated the call still shows the
> caller-ID, regardless of the feature being turned on or off. I would like to
> know what I have done wrong or not doing or over looking. Hopefully more
> people will be intersted in this issue. Thanks. Michael Molin

The sip provider, when sending any call to a peer, will always send the
callerid and will set the privacy header. In the special case of a emergency
call I think that the clir (callerid restriction flag) is forced to 0 anyways.

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