[Spce-user] CE 2.6: Call-forwarding to voicebox via VSC

Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Thu Nov 1 09:19:16 EDT 2012


On 11/01/2012 01:52 PM, Klaus Peter v. Friedeburg wrote:
> Voiceboxnumber = 2000
> when creating a CF to voicebox by dialing  the vsc *72*2000 sems will insert a CF to SIP-URI "sip:+2000 at ..." to the CF_SETS
> In standard  installation this does not work. So that I have build the following patch for kamailio-proxy script:

The VSC module compares the number you dialed (e.g. 2000 in your case)
to the number configured at sems.vsc.voicemail_number in config.yml, and
if it matches, sets a CFU to vmu<e164num>@voicebox.local. Here's the log
lines from /var/log/ngcp/sems.log for such a call:

Nov  1 14:07:20 spce sems[21976]: [#7f2882d42700] [number2uri,
SW_Vsc.cpp:698] INFO: Normalized '2000' to voicemail uri
'sip:vmu420530338702 at voicebox.local' for uuid
Nov  1 14:07:21 spce sems[21976]: [#7f2882d42700] [startSession,
SW_Vsc.cpp:1009] INFO: Successfully set VSC CFU to
'sip:vmu420530338702 at voicebox.local' using mapping id '3' for uuid

So if you end up with a forward to +2000, then your settings or custom
templates seem wrong. Please double-check whether your
/etc/sems/etc/sw_vsc.conf really has a line like this:

voicemail_number = 2000

and whether you run a recent sems version ("dpkg -l|grep ngcp-sems"
should show a version like 1.4.3+spce2.6.2).

As for your removal of the "voiceboxpass" line: It is there for people
who want to announce a specific number (e.g. 0123452000) to their users
for external voicebox maintenance, and to active it they can use the
rewrite rules to map this number to "voiceboxpass". So they'd tell their
customers "to maintain your voicebox, dial 2000 from your voip account,
or dial 0123452000 plus pin from any other phone", then they rewrite
2000 to voicebox and 0123452000 to voiceboxpass. Pretty neat, IMHO.


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