[Spce-user] CE 2.6: Call-forwarding to voicebox via VSC

Klaus Peter v. Friedeburg friedeburg at aco.de
Thu Nov 1 09:38:53 EDT 2012

Hello Andreas 

Thank you for your reply.
In my installation it is a little bit difficult:
In Germany the Bundesnetzagentur don’t allow to use own "number-assignment" so that I have defined "*2000 " as my system wide voicemailnumber. (in the config as \*2000)
But there exist the problem that vsc-dialing *72**2000 does not work - sems ignore it. The other problem is, that same clients don’t dial the *2000 correctly. 
For the problems I have defined a inbound rewrite rule for callee  in domain to rewrite the dialed number 2000 to *2000 so that you can dial the vsc *72*2000 or dial 2000 to reach your own voicebox
This rewrite rule is also using by sems. Sems rewrite *72*2000 to *71**2000 and inster "sip:+*2000 at ....! in die cf_set
In /etc/sems/etc/sw_vsc.conf there exist a line 
	voicemail_number = \*2000

dpkg -l|grep ngcp-sems give me this lines:
ii  ngcp-sems                                  1.4.3+spce2.6.2              SIP Express Media Server, very fast and flexible SIP media server
ii  ngcp-sems-prompts                          0.3.1                        Audio prompts for ngcp-sems package
ii  ngcp-templates-ce-sems                     2.6.17                       Configuration templates for ngcp-sems

Klaus Peter
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> Hi,
> On 11/01/2012 01:52 PM, Klaus Peter v. Friedeburg wrote:
> > Voiceboxnumber = 2000
> > when creating a CF to voicebox by dialing  the vsc *72*2000 sems will insert a CF to SIP-URI "sip:+2000 at ..."
> to the CF_SETS
> > In standard  installation this does not work. So that I have build the following patch for kamailio-proxy script:
> The VSC module compares the number you dialed (e.g. 2000 in your case)
> to the number configured at sems.vsc.voicemail_number in config.yml, and
> if it matches, sets a CFU to vmu<e164num>@voicebox.local. Here's the log
> lines from /var/log/ngcp/sems.log for such a call:
> Nov  1 14:07:20 spce sems[21976]: [#7f2882d42700] [number2uri,
> SW_Vsc.cpp:698] INFO: Normalized '2000' to voicemail uri
> 'sip:vmu420530338702 at voicebox.local' for uuid
> '148846de-e7e5-4d5f-8bfb-abd5ea17d5be'
> Nov  1 14:07:21 spce sems[21976]: [#7f2882d42700] [startSession,
> SW_Vsc.cpp:1009] INFO: Successfully set VSC CFU to
> 'sip:vmu420530338702 at voicebox.local' using mapping id '3' for uuid
> '148846de-e7e5-4d5f-8bfb-abd5ea17d5be'
> So if you end up with a forward to +2000, then your settings or custom
> templates seem wrong. Please double-check whether your
> /etc/sems/etc/sw_vsc.conf really has a line like this:
> voicemail_number = 2000
> and whether you run a recent sems version ("dpkg -l|grep ngcp-sems"
> should show a version like 1.4.3+spce2.6.2).
> As for your removal of the "voiceboxpass" line: It is there for people
> who want to announce a specific number (e.g. 0123452000) to their users
> for external voicebox maintenance, and to active it they can use the
> rewrite rules to map this number to "voiceboxpass". So they'd tell their
> customers "to maintain your voicebox, dial 2000 from your voip account,
> or dial 0123452000 plus pin from any other phone", then they rewrite
> 2000 to voicebox and 0123452000 to voiceboxpass. Pretty neat, IMHO.
> Andreas

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