[Spce-user] CE 2.6: Call-forwarding to voicebox via VSC

Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Thu Nov 1 09:57:05 EDT 2012

Hi Klaus,

On 11/01/2012 02:38 PM, Klaus Peter v. Friedeburg wrote:
> In my installation it is a little bit difficult:
> In Germany the Bundesnetzagentur don’t allow to use own "number-assignment" so that I have defined "*2000 " as my system wide voicemailnumber. (in the config as \*2000)
> But there exist the problem that vsc-dialing *72**2000 does not work - sems ignore it. The other problem is, that same clients don’t dial the *2000 correctly. 

Well, the one thing with "2000" as voicemail number in the sems config
for setting a forward to your voice box is only losely coupled to not
being allowed to have an own number assigned for accessing your voice
box for maintenance.

Consider this:

1. Tell your customers to dial "*69" to reach their voice box for
self-maintaining it via IVR. To make this work, place a rewrite rule
like "^\*69" -> "voicebox" as inbound rewrite rule for callee in your

2. To set a CF to voicebox via VSC, tell your customers to dial "*70".
For this to work, set "2000" in sems.vsc.voicemail_number (as it's the
default setting, but you can use whatever you want, because it's just
for internal use here), and place a rewrite rule like "^\*70" ->
"*72*2000" (instead of the 2000, set the value you put in

And that's it, pretty much. No need to patch anything in the config
files for this to work.


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