[Spce-user] SIP trunking

Sylvester Nielsen sn at fest.dk
Mon Nov 5 11:34:00 EST 2012


I'm trying to get the system to provide SIP trunking but i'm facing some issues.

I have set the e164_to_ruri parameter which allows the PBX to do DID based routing.
This parts seems to be working on all the systems i tested it on.

However, outbound calls from the PBX's seems to be more challenging.
Like the e164_to_ruri on inbound i would like to do the same on outbound, putting the caller number in the from header.
But in this case i get a 407 Proxy Authentication Required.

I changed the from header to display the trunk username, which solved the authentication issue. However, only some PBX's allow me to do this.
Also, if a user tries to make anonymous calls, the from header is changed to anonymous on most PBX's.
However they do send a P-asserted-Identity, RPID, or P-preffered header along with the privacy header.

Is there some parameter i have missed which allow me to change this behavior and is it even possible to handle this behavior?
I have found that i can use the permanent contact and trusted sources, but is it possible with a normal registration or does this require the user to send the sip username in the from header?

Hope it makes sence without any traces etc. :)

Best regards
Sylvester Nielsen
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