[Spce-user] Understanding extra_sockets format in config.yml

Joel Smith | VOZELIA joel at vozelia.com
Thu Nov 8 07:49:53 EST 2012

Hi everybody,

I have a system with multiple IP addresses. What is the correct format
of the "extra_sockets" parameter inside config.yml?

I've tried several different combinations and none make kamailio-lb
listen on the secondary ips, so, to solve this I've created a custom
tt2 for kamailio-lb but I still need to know what is the correct way
to setup extra_sockets in config.yml (otherwise I'll end up with
incorrect headers inside sip packets caused by using the wrong IP.)

Thanks in advanced.

Best regards.
Joel Smith
Cell: +34 639 03 13 53
E-Mail: joel at vozelia.com

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