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Jeremie Chism jchism2 at gmail.com
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I think if I'm correct I would put all the hunt group numbers into a list under call forward busy of the main line. If one of those lines is busy it should try the next one. Then in each one of those lines I would put a forward no answer to the mailbox number of the first line. I think the only thing I have to make sure of is not to have VM on any of the hunt group lines under busy. Does this sound like it would work?

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> Date: November 17, 2012, 10:05:48 PM CST
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> Subject: Hunting
> Is it possible to set a hunt group where it will try a group of numbers  here is the scenario:
> Call comes to main line, that line is busy so it rings line two. If that line is busy it rings line 3. If there is no answer at line 3 it leaves a voicemail message on line 1. 
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