[Spce-user] ngcp-create_subscriber?

Jirka Jirout jirka.jirout at mac.com
Wed Nov 21 02:25:33 EST 2012


> I guess your client is sending something invalid as E.164 number in this
> case. Have a look at oss.log to see why the system is rejecting your
> request. The E.164 number is not mandatory,

I do not use a client app at the moment, I am typing the command from console:

/usr/bin/ngcp-create_subscriber -v 5 -u 123456 -p OMYXM9R7 -d my.domain.cz

What I can see in oss.log is this:

Nov 21 08:19:45 crypto2 provisioning: Sipwise::Provisioning::Config::new: using config file "/etc/ngcp-ossbss/provisioning.conf"

>  even though IIRC it is
> required for some parts of the system, like the voicebox.
Should I perhaps explicitly disable the voicebox somehow then?

regards, jj

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