[Spce-user] LCR and billing

William Fulton wfulton at thirdhatch.com
Sun Sep 9 04:31:44 EDT 2012

I am just digging into the interface right now.  I have been working
with Kamailio and Siremis previous to loading SPCE.  I have searched a
little bit in the archives but am unable to find information about the
billing and LCR modules.


In the US we have interstate and intrastate rates for outbound calling.
This means that each rate center for each carrier must have two rates.
I have figured out that I need to create two different billing profiles
per carrier to accomplish this, but I have not figured out how I can
make the system aware of whether a call is an interstate or intrastate
call.  Is there anywhere I can find more documentation?  Anyone else
have the same issues?

Thanks in advance!



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