[Spce-user] Peering config

Jon Bonilla (Manwe) jbonilla at sipwise.com
Mon Sep 3 07:42:04 EDT 2012

El Mon, 3 Sep 2012 10:38:43 +0200
Jon Bonilla (Manwe) <jbonilla at sipwise.com> escribió:

> > 
> > Also for outbound they say to use sip:
> > <sip:%3cnumber%3e at sip-wholesale.provider.com>
> > <number>@sip-wholesale.provider.com which has a number of SRV records.
> > 
> > Is this supported or must I regularly resolve the addresses and enter them?
> > 
> It SHOULD be supported and this should definitely be the way to go, but as
> it's not used in most scenarios (operators have 4-6 IP addresses for their
> gws with no DNS usage), we only manage IP addresses at the moment. I'm sorry
> but you'll have to add the gws one by one.
> At the moment we use the "lcr" module of kamailio to manage the peering
> server/groups. At this is based on IP addresses. Maybe moving to another
> module in the future or extending this one as we already did for 2.6 could
> allow adding this feature. 

I've been told by a colleague that it is actually possible to use DNS SRV
resolution for outgoing servers this way by leaving empty the IP field of the
gw and setting the hostname

if you just put the ip, then r-uri and d-uri are ip
if you put ip and host, then r-uri is host and d-uri is ip
if you put host only, r-uri and d-uri are hostname, so d-uri is resolved via dns

There are some cons though:

- Leaving empty IP is not allowed in our admin panle nor the ossbss. It should
  be added by hand to provisioning.voip_peer_hosts. You need to know what you
  are doing.

- Setting an empty set of gw(s) would work for outgoing calls but unless you
  set the IP addresses of the gws, incoming calls will be challenged by the
  proxy. This setup wouldn't work for incoming calls. So I'd use this in a
  outgoing-only setup and just if there are too many gws or they IPs are being
  changed from time to time.

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