[Spce-user] First attempt

Pedro Guillem pedro.guillem at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 18:51:59 EDT 2013

Ok, i have performed a fresh install.

Everything looks neat, the documentation is very comprenhensive, but so far:

1) After creating 3 suscribers, i can not register any of them in the
server. The documentation states i simply should be able to. Do i have to
tweak anything else?

2) Port 5060 (udp) on the public IP seems to be closed (only open on
localhost), i have no idea what process is suposed to be serving such port
and why i´m getting localhost:5060 only.

3) I don´t know where to change the codec order or where to configure the
codec order. The documentation is missing this info. I want to enable
G729a/b, but i don´t know if this is required or available.

4) The documentation is not very clear on how to use SIP Peering, for
instance, i did not understand how to allow traffic only from a specific IP

Moreover, less important, but still doubts:

5) I did not understand how to tell the difference between an inbound peer
and an outbound peer. How do i diferentiate between both?

6) I did not understand if NCOS Levels applies the restrictions server-wide
or peer-wide.

7) I did not understand wether the CDRs are stored on MySQL directly or if
i have to manually get them to import them elsewhere.

I find parts of the system very confusing.
Could anybody give me a hand?

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