[Spce-user] Trunks again

Sylvester Nielsen sn at cbox.dk
Mon Apr 15 11:55:57 EDT 2013


I have been playing around with a few PBX's and must say a strugle a bit to get a subscriber to act like a SIP trunk when I have limited configuration options on the PBX side.
I have set the e164_to_ruri and allow all CLI.

The first issue I have is the from header.
To make it work I need to set the subscriber username in the from header and not the number I which to present.
The works OK on the pbx <-> sipwise side, but the from header is carried on to the peer which dosen't understand the subscriber username in the from header.
I do send the P-Asserted-Identity header which is also transferred to the peer, but would like that value in the from header in the invite to the peer.
I have tried to change the outbound_from_user for the peer to Network-Provided-Number, but that overrides the P-Asserted-Identity and uses the default CLI.

Is there some trick to allow the CLI in the from header from the PBX or send the P-Asserted-Identity in the from header to the peer?

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