[Spce-user] adding permanent registrations/contacts fails following DB restore

Gavin Sweet gavin.sweet at skyracktelecom.com
Fri Apr 19 09:33:09 EDT 2013

Hi all - 


We are suddenly unable to get device registrations to properly apply when
made through the GUI admin interface or through the SOAP API. Both methods
appear to return normally - the GUI reports that the registration has been
added, the API returns an Ok. But, in fact the registrations haven't been
added to the DB, and no changes are updated in the GUI. All other functions
(add subscribers, change preferences etc) all seem to still work properly
over the GUI and the SOAP API.


The only change that we can imagine could have caused this is that we have
restored the databases on the system concerned (our lab server) from one of
our production servers. 

Does this sound likely? Anyone know why or how to solve it? 


Restoring from production to lab is just part of the process to baseline
again after testing (we have recently started testing with the SOAP API).
The backup from which the restore was done was from production to lab server
. just mysqldump > db.sql on production server, then mysql <db.sql on target
lab server. The db's that we backed up and restored were kamailio, billing
and provisioning. When that didn't work we also included the ngcp DB. 


The only other change that has recently been made was to run the
ngcp-reset-db script at one point when the databases appeared to have failed
to restore correctly. (By the way, this did not seem to actually wipe out
all data in the way it is intended).


Looking in the oss.log and comparing between the working production server
and the not-working lab server I can see no differences for the same
function. In both cases, create_subscriber_registered_device is called and
then a POST to /subscriber/add_permanent_contact made - seeming to return
properly, but the records are simply not stored in the db, and so not
returned in the GUI.


Any help /suggestions / offers of counselling would be greatly appreciated.





Heres a full snippet from oss.log:


Apr 19 13:23:49 skt-salem03 provisioning:
Sipwise::Provisioning::_log_xmldata: create_subscriber_registered_device
called with: {'authentication' => {'password' => '***

*****','type' => 'admin','username' => 'administrator'},'parameters' =>
{'contact' => 'sip:a112 at','domain' => 'skyrack.net','username' =>

Apr 19 13:23:49 skt-salem03 provisioning:
Sipwise::Provisioning::handle_request: calling function
'create_subscriber_registered_device' for admin 'administrator'

Apr 19 13:23:49 skt-salem03 provisioning:
Sipwise::Provisioning::Config::new: using config file

Apr 19 13:23:49 skt-salem03 provisioning: Sipwise::Provisioning::new:
Sipwise::Provisioning::XMLDispatcher object initialized

Apr 19 13:23:49 skt-salem03 provisioning:
Sipwise::Provisioning::XMLDispatcher::dispatch: dispatching xmlrpc proxy
request to

Apr 19 13:23:54 skt-salem03 provisioning:
Sipwise::Provisioning::_log_xmldata: create_subscriber_registered_device
returned with: 1

Apr 19 13:23:54 skt-salem03 /usr/sbin/apache2: ***Provisioning::call_prov
calling 'billing::get_voip_account_subscriber_by_id'

Apr 19 13:23:54 skt-salem03 oss: - - [19/Apr/2013:13:23:49
+0100] "POST /subscriber/add_permanent_contact HTTP/1.1" 302 818

/subscriber/detail?subscriber_id=18" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64;
rv:20.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/20.0"

Apr 19 13:23:54 skt-salem03 /usr/sbin/apache2: ***Provisioning::call_prov
calling 'voip::create_subscriber_registered_device'

Apr 19 13:23:54 skt-salem03 apache2: [info] Subsequent (No.6) HTTPS request
received for child 12 (server myserver:443)



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