[Spce-user] 200 OK answer from wrong socket after BYE from peer

Klisch, Martin m.klisch at ccgmbh.de
Mon Apr 29 04:23:28 EDT 2013


when using extra_sockets for an "internal" routing connection to our Softswitch I have the faulty behavior of not using the configured extra socket for the 200 OK of a BYE sent by the Softswitch.

In picture:

Hangup in PSTN -> Softswtich -> BYE -> NGCP on extra socket ... 200 OK from default NGCP socket -> Softswitch

After analyzing it seems that there is a problem with the routing via SEMS. So in the BYE from LB to SEMS I can see the correct P-Sock-Info header with the extra socket. But as SEMS tears down the connection as B2BUA there is P-Out-Socket in the 200 OK generated by SEMS. Therefore the default socket of the LB is used to send the 200 OK back to the Softswitch. Of course the Softswtich does never see the 200 OK because of firewall and routing setting.

Is this as designed or a bug? My current workaround is setting the correct FS after checking for 200 OK replies of BYE messages with the help of the received header.

Thanks in advance!

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