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Kevin Masse kmasse at questblue.com
Mon Apr 8 15:31:58 EDT 2013

Jeremie, it looks like you could use the SOAP command.

This function returns a list of registered devices for a given

In theory you would build your search query to go over your ID's and
report back registered devices for the subscribers.

This is the full description from the :2443/SOAP/Provisioning.wsdl


 This function returns a list of registered devices for a given


by_userdom_Request (soap:body, use = encoded)

authentication type Authentication
 This element contains the authentication information. See section
Introduction above for a description. 
*username type string*password type string*type type string
parameters type UserDomParameter*username type string
 The subscriber's SIP username. 
*domain type string
 The subscriber's SIP domain. 


get_subscriber_registered_devices_Response (soap:body, use = encoded)

data type DeviceContactArray - array of type DeviceContact
 An array of device contact entries, each containing the following
*id type int
 A unique ID for the contact. Used to delete the contact from the
*contact type string
 The contact details. 
*expires type string
 SQL timestamp. The expiration timestamp of the contact. 
*user_agent type string
 The user agent string as sent by the client device. 
*nat type boolean
 Specifies whether the system has detected a NAT setup. 
*last_modified type string
 SQL timestamp. When the contact was last updated.

I hope this helps.  If someone is aware this will not work in the way I
feel it should please respond back so Jeremie is not chasing the wrong


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Is there a report that can be pulled from sipwise that would list the
subscribers that are not registered?

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