[Spce-user] First attempt

Daniel Grotti dgrotti at sipwise.com
Fri Apr 12 11:11:27 EDT 2013

Hello Pedro,

On 04/12/2013 12:51 AM, Pedro Guillem wrote:
> Ok, i have performed a fresh install.
> Everything looks neat, the documentation is very comprenhensive, but so far:
> 1) After creating 3 suscribers, i can not register any of them in the
> server. The documentation states i simply should be able to. Do i have
> to tweak anything else?

It looks like something wrong in your network.yml file.
Your /etc/ngcp-config/network.yml should look like:

      hwaddr: 08:00:27:c2:82:aa
      ip:   <------- you voip IP
      shared_ip: []
      shared_v6ip: []
        - web_ext	<---- service on eth0
        - sip_ext
        - rtp_ext
        - ssh_ext
        - mon_ext
      - eth0
      - lo
      hwaddr: 00:00:00:00:00:00
      shared_ip: []
      shared_v6ip: []
        - sip_int
        - web_int
        - ha_int
      v6ip: '::1'
      - proxy
      - lb
      - mgmt

make sure of that and run ngcpcfg apply.

See also:

> 2) Port 5060 (udp) on the public IP seems to be closed (only open on
> localhost), i have no idea what process is suposed to be serving such
> port and why i´m getting localhost:5060 only.

As above.

> 3) I don´t know where to change the codec order or where to configure
> the codec order. The documentation is missing this info. I want to
> enable G729a/b, but i don´t know if this is required or available.

There are no codec to configure on SPCE. It's not a B2BUA. The codec are
negotiated by clients. So if you have client supporting codec g729 you
can talk with g729.

> 4) The documentation is not very clear on how to use SIP Peering, for
> instance, i did not understand how to allow traffic only from a specific

Just setting up a SIP Peering. All calls getting from that SIP Peering
will be managed by SPCE as "Call from PSTN". Also SIP Peering will be
used for outbound calls. The documentation is quite clear here.

> Moreover, less important, but still doubts:
> 5) I did not understand how to tell the difference between an inbound
> peer and an outbound peer. How do i diferentiate between both?

What do you want to achieve exactly ?
If you want to set a SIP Peer only for inbound calls you could avoid the
outbound call on this peer using the its SIP Peering Group/Peering Rules.

> 6) I did not understand if NCOS Levels applies the restrictions
> server-wide or peer-wide.

You can apply NCOS on Domain level (all subscribers within the domain)
or on Subscribers Preferences level. The NCOS will be parsed before to
go to the outbound gateway.

> 7) I did not understand wether the CDRs are stored on MySQL directly or
> if i have to manually get them to import them elsewhere.

CDRs are stored into mysql DB (accounting.cdr) and the system exports
CDR into CVS text file under /home/jail/home/cdrexport/.

> I find parts of the system very confusing.
> Could anybody give me a hand?
> Regards
> Pedro
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