[Spce-user] adding permanent registrations/contacts fails following DB restore

Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Mon Apr 22 05:32:03 EDT 2013


On 04/19/2013 03:33 PM, Gavin Sweet wrote:
> We are suddenly unable to get device registrations to properly apply
> when made through the GUI admin interface or through the SOAP API. Both
> methods appear to return normally – the GUI reports that the
> registration has been added, the API returns an Ok. But, in fact the
> registrations haven’t been added to the DB, and no changes are updated
> in the GUI. All other functions (add subscribers, change preferences
> etc) all seem to still work properly over the GUI and the SOAP API.
> The only change that we can imagine could have caused this is that we
> have restored the databases on the system concerned (our lab server)
> from one of our production servers.
> Does this sound likely? Anyone know why or how to solve it?

Can you check with "ngcp-kamctl proxy ul show --brief" whether the 
contact is there? Since registrations need to be present in the kamailio 
cache, the ngcp backend doesn't write such contacts directly into the 
db, but initiates an xmlrpc call to kamailio, which in turn syncs it 
into the db.

Also, did you change anything in regards to local ip addresses? Are the 
ips and ports where kamailio and other services are running on the same 
as in the provisioning.xmlhosts table?


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