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The EdgeMarc cost around $500 for 10 concurrent calls, a built in DSL modem ( which MicroTic does not have, as far as I can remember) and also Ethernet WAN and USB for wireless modems (MicroTik does have those). In addition it has WiFi.
My understanding is that it automatically gives priority for VoIP traffic, and it can fail over automatically between al three WAN interfaces.
You can find DSL only model (200W) for $100 or less on eBay.

Did you ever experience an automatic fail over on the WAN interface? How did it work?

Also, you mentioned using Asterisk - do you use it on the customer premises and in turn connect it to a hosted SPCE?



On Apr 29, 2013, at 3:34 AM, sipwise at ics-il.net wrote:

> I have dozens of Mikrotik routers running. I love them. I know people with hundreds of them and I know people running several gigabit/s through them.
> I never used anything but Asterisk before - no SBCs. Not sure what they cost, but the saying goes, "If you have to ask what it costs, you can't afford it." Actually, I just found some on VoIP Supply. Of course, they are priced awkwardly enough where if they are useful, then they're worth it, but if not, then I feel like a fool. It will be kinda interesting with my environment as everything I have is run in a VMWare cluster, so I'd have one plugged into each of my switches for both LAN and WAN.
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> Mike,
> Can i take the opportunity that you mentioned Microtik and ask you hoe do you like it?
> I got one to try but found it difficult to configure.
> Also, do you guys prefer a router or an SBC (something like Edgewater EdgeMarc).
> It seems that the EddgeMarc combines the MicroTic capabilities but adds more features for VoIP.
> What do you think?
> Thanks,
> Oren
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>> Dang it, not used to how this list operates (replies go directly to the person, not the list).
>> I've been thinking of coming up with a script for my Mikrotik routers that detect a given number of packets per second of a given type destined towards my servers, then firewall it off when it exceeds that. SIP isn't an overly chatty protocol, so a given IP shouldn't have say more than 100 packets per second from a valid client, but would from someone trying to break in.
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