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andreas tseiko a.tseiko at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 20 09:31:50 EST 2013

Dear All,
We would like to play ealy media announcements in outgoing calls in CE 2.8.We think that we have to use "early_anounce" application in sems.in order to trigger this app we have done the following:
1)create early_announce.conf which contains the folowing configuration lines:root at sip2:/etc/sems/etc# cat early_announce.conf#CFGOPTION_SEMS_ANNOUNCEPATHannounce_path=/usr/lib/sems/audio/en/#ENDCFGOPTION
#CFGOPTION_SEMS_ANNOUNCEMENTdefault_announce=click2dial.wav <== we have assigned this wav file for testing#ENDCFGOPTION
## continue the call in B2BUA mode ? [yes | no | app-param]#  if continue_b2b=app-param, continuation is controlled by#  'B2B' app param, e.g. P-App-Param: B2B=yes## default: continue_b2b=yes
2)sems.conf.tt2 insert into load plugin the early_anounce.
3)Change proxy.conf.tt2 line "append_hf("P-App-Name: sbc\r\n");" into "append_hf("P-App-Name: early_announce\r\n");"
When we make an outgoing call and we managed to hear the announcement.Nevertheless sems does not send an INVITE to Loadbalancer (5060) as it should be and call is frozen.Is this logic the proper way to do this?Could you please provide any relevant info?
Best regards.
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