[Spce-user] soap interface and rtpproxy

Andrew Pogrebennyk apogrebennyk at sipwise.com
Wed Jul 24 05:45:20 EDT 2013


On 22/07/2013 03:15, Abel Alejandro wrote:
> Is there a difference in getting the CDR's thru the SOAP interface
> rather than the FTP account for billing purposes? 

Yes, you can use the function get_voip_account_calls or similar. Please
check the API documentation (WSDL).

> I also have another question but this might a general one because I am
> not that experienced in SIP. I noticed that the default for rtpproxy is
> "Always with plain SDP", shouldn't the best way wouldnt be to let the
> RTP go directly to conserve resources? (assuming there is no security
> need for hiding the carrier's ip).

Since most of clients are behind NAT, having "Never use rtpproxy" as a
default would cause one-way audio and bring bad user experience.


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