[Spce-user] MySQL location and DB structure

"Cédric M." angenoir at angenoir.com
Tue Jul 23 11:19:33 EDT 2013

Hi All,

I just discovered "sip:provider CE" and I give it a try.

It seems that it will fit all my needs but I've a question : does it is possible to use a dedicated MySQL server instead of the one installed on "localhost" ?

I can copy the local MySQL users and DBs to the dedicated DB server, but I don't know which configuration files I must modify, I suppose there are several.
I can see that the main password is in the file /etc/mysql/sipwise.cnf, but after ... ?

Another way (easiest ?) is to forward local MySQL request to the DB Server using iptable or ssh, but if some programs use the socket it will fail.

If you can give me some hints to proceed, I will greatly appreciate.

Also, where can I find some DB structure description ?
Some explanations on the role of each DB/table ?
It will be usefull :)

By the way: how can we search in this list ?
It is crazy but I haven't find the "search" function!


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