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Thilo Bangert thilo.bangert at gmail.com
Wed May 22 16:27:19 EDT 2013

On Friday 10 May 2013 08:00:35 Mike Hammett wrote:
> What ATAs are you guys using with SIPWise?
> Since there is no built-in provisioning (yet), what are you guys doing on
> the provisioning of the ATAs? I manually did it back in the day, but used
> PIAF's provisioning agent until PIAF as a whole angered me.

i dont know what kind of ATAs you are looking for but we use mostly Audiocodes 
MP124d, as well as the older mp124, mp118 and mp112. we will use linksys 
spa8000 and spa2101 sometime in the future. also cisco epc3925 mta's as well  
as a smaller number of fiber cpe devices are planned to be attached.

the older audiocodes do not work directly with sipwise, so we currently have a 
sipproxy inbetween that fixes the sip messages from those ata's.

we have built a quick templating tool to generate the config for the 
audiocodes, which we hope to extend to the other devices as well. currently we 
provision these by hand, but hope to do so by dhcp and http/tftp.

kind regards

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