[Spce-user] Duplicating Sipwise question

Andreas Granig agranig at sipwise.com
Wed May 29 16:30:49 EDT 2013


On 05/29/2013 09:29 PM, Kevin Masse wrote:
> Copying over the constants.yml proved to make the system inoperable.
> There are database access errors for every part of the sipwise that
> requires a connection.
> It was my understanding that the constants we built and set from the
> installation.  They were not user set.  In return what happened is the
> constants from the original server would not match up to a newly
> installed 2.7.
> I will have to start this again from the beginning.

Not really. The files are managed via git, so you can revert it at any 
time to a previous version (the git repo is in /etc/ngcp-config/, you 
can do "git log" and "git checkout <commit-id from git log> constants.yml".

In any case, did you also copy over the mysql database (like, literally, 
"mysql", along with "kamailio" etc), as I said in my last email?

Another thing you might want to check is if the password for the sipwise 
user in /etc/mysql/sipwise.cnf is still valid (execute ". 
/etc/mysql/sipwise.cnf && mysql -usipwise -p$SIPWISE_DB_PASSWORD" and 
don't forget the dot in front).


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