[Spce-user] Missed calls notification message

John Murray john.murray at skyracktelecom.com
Fri May 31 11:33:30 EDT 2013

Andreas hi,

Is there any way to have the missed call notification start a script for
example to send an SMS?



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we do not offer missed calls notification, what we have is the voicemail
notification done by NOTIFY request (look for "Message waiting indication"
line in kamailio-proxy.log), for which there is no extra configuration

I think the accounting for missed calls is stored in acc_backup table now,
so could write an external script to analyze that or even change the way it
is logged:
http://kamailio.org/docs/modules/stable/modules/acc.html and trigger a
NOTIFY from your external script.

On 05/31/2013 11:45 AM, andreas tseiko wrote:
> Dear All,
> Could you please provide us an update?
> Best regards.
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> Subject: [Spce-user] Missed calls notification message
> Dear All,
> Could you please inform us if sending a notification message 
> containing missed calls to a subscriber when he will be back on line 
> is supported to CE or not?
> If yes, could you please provide us the configuration needed to do it?
> Best regards.

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