[Spce-user] P-Preferred-identity

Rogier Banis rogier at ningaloo.nl
Mon Oct 7 04:45:04 EDT 2013

Hello list,

Our trunking provider needs, to display the correct CLI on outbound calls, the PPI header to be in the following format: 
	P-Preferred-Identity: <sip:+31101111111 at peer_auth_realm>
Where  pere_auth_realm is the domain i use to register at the trunking provider.

Is there a way to format the PPI header in that way with CE?

I think i've tried all the options in the GUI there are but no luck. When i use the Network-Provided-Number the CLI part of the PPI header is OK only the receiving domain is stated in the PPI header and not my domain i use to register.

Hope someone has a clue in who to solve this.

Thank you very much all.

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