[Spce-user] Setting P-Called-Party-ID

Andrew Pogrebennyk apogrebennyk at sipwise.com
Thu Oct 17 08:03:35 EDT 2013


On 10/17/2013 12:41 PM, Carriba UG - sip:wise wrote:
> I have also tried this, but it is not working.

You need to be more specific what exactly is not working.
In the log I see:
- Setting From to '<sip:1555555 at xx.xx.xx>'
- Setting PAI to '<sip:testuser at xx.xx.xx>'
Which is OK, isn't it?

Now back to original problem with registered contact sip:s at x.x.x.x:5060
in RURI and To - I don't see this any more, because the last call is to
a SIP peering and not to a subscriber. And you get back a 183, which
looks pretty normal to me, perhaps you just need to add a rewrite rule.

But if you are sending the call to your customer's PBX it should be a
subscriber instead of a peer. So please be more verbose about the issue.


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