[Spce-user] Problems getting calls rated v2.8

George Mason george.mason at xoomtalk.com
Wed Aug 27 17:26:20 EDT 2014


Please forgive the question but am learning the ropes on SPCE and
struggling somewhat with billing.

I have created a billing fee which I am attempting to apply to a SIP
peering, such that call costs are included in the CDR table. I have
created a contract which references the fees and applied this to the
peering concerned. However when I place a call for which there should be
a cost, no cost is recorded in the CDR table, and the rated_at field is
NULL. This last detail is different if I use the default fee of zero,
rated_at then includes a date and time, which implies the fault is with
my fee config, but cannot see where.

I have attempted to match destination prefixes in the fees as follows
(presume a call to +441273123456 via peering with IP


None of these have the desired effect. What am I doing wrong/how can I
troubleshoot this process?



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