[Spce-user] fresh install debian 7 not web access

Gordon Sims gsims94 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 11:46:06 EDT 2014

Is this server directly connected to the Internet? If not, check to make
sure that port 1443 is open on your firewall. As for SSH, you should be
able to check the status of sshd and make sure it is running with a
service sshd status .


On 8/1/14, 10:34 AM, "Paul Belanger" <paul.belanger at polybeacon.com> wrote:

>On Fri, Aug 1, 2014 at 11:26 AM, Alex Lutay <alutay at sipwise.com> wrote:
>> Dear Gordon!
>> First of all thank you for the bug report.
>> It is known CE problem, at the moment you have to reboot the server
>> fresh installation or start nginx manually.
>> You can use MT#6369 for further references to bugreport.
>> It happens because we install both Apache and Nginx WEB servers
>> (we are on a way of migration to Nginx). Both are default debian
>> and install default configs, which are fighting for default ports...
>> won in your case while we need nginx.
>> At the end of installation "ngcpcfg apply" generate correct/new apache
>> nginx configs and remove port conflicts, but it tries to start ngingx
>> stopping apache:
>>> Restarting nginx: nginx: [emerg] bind() to [::]:80 failed (98: Address
>>> already in use)
>>> nginx: [emerg] bind() to [::]:443 failed (98: Address already in use)
>>> ...
>>> nginx: [emerg] still could not bind()
>>> nginx.
>>> Restarting web server: apache2
>>> ...
>> I hope this information helped you understand the issue.
>> It will be automatically disappear as soon as we remove Apache,
>> also we are planning to add "Reboot (Y/N)?" hint for users,
>> but currently occupied with important new features ;-)
>> JFYI, Also we almost released mr3.4.1 with new CE install CD (which
>> the server after the installation):
>> but it is a secret for now, don't tell anybody! :-)
>> Thank you for your bugreport one more time!
>Okay, rebooting has gotten me a step closer. Aside from loosing ssh
>access, I now get '502 Bad Gateway' from the web interface.  Looking
>at the ngcp-panel error logs, I see the following:
>2014/08/01 15:29:01 [error] 4046#0: *131 connect() to
>unix:/var/run/fastcgi/ngcp-panel.sock failed (111: Connection refused)
>while connecting to upstream, client: ::ffff:, server: ,
>request: "GET /login/admin HTTP/1.1", upstream:
>"fastcgi://unix:/var/run/fastcgi/ngcp-panel.sock:", host:
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