[Spce-user] Calls drop after 30 secs

George Mason george.mason at xoomtalk.com
Wed Aug 20 16:59:05 EDT 2014

> George,
> On 08/20/2014 12:16 PM, George Mason wrote:
>> > Excellent many thanks. Grateful if you could push to the East Coast AWS
>> > zone when you do.
>> > 
>> > George
> alright, I have pushed the fix. Actually you don't need to re-create the
> instance, just run the update:
>   apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && \
>   ngcp-update-db-schema && ngcp-update-cfg-schema && \
>   ngcpcfg apply
> The problem was that the private IP of the instance was used as contact
> in initial invite instead of the adv address and the dialog was changed
> from private IP to adv address on the consequent in-dialog request,
> which broke the signaling. I just fixed the contact masking.
> Let me know if that fixes your issue.
> Andrew
Thanks - ran the update and was all looking good, until:

Applying revision script
/usr/share/ngcp-db-schema/db_scripts/base/0070_not_replicated.up: ERROR
1050 (42S01) at line 2: Table 'acc_backup' already exists
failed. :(

Not sure whether this is something to worry about? Looks like it's no
big deal but thought I would check.

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