[Spce-user] Utilizing Remote Database

Kevin Masse kmasse at questblue.com
Mon Dec 8 14:51:16 EST 2014

Hello Daniel, I was still wondering if I missed something from your
answer on 11/26.

It seems you picked up from another part of a message.


Was there something before your post on the Grants?


The main outstanding question for sure is:  Do I only need to edit the
constants.yml as indicated below in the original post?

If that is accurate then I will deal with any permissions / Grants or
access issues on the remote server.  I just want to save time by not
chasing other potential issues.


Thank you in advance,







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Hello Daniel, thanks for the reply however I think your first thoughts
were not sent.  It seems this email picks up from a different part of
your conversation.


I do agree however regarding the GRANTS Etc, we are not having any
issues connecting to the external DB via command line.

I think we are only down to what parameters need to be set and which
file should be checked.






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another thing I have in mind are the GRANTS on the db.
if you dump the DB, the current mysql grants are for localhost only.
You should check this out.


On 11/25/2014 11:16 PM, Kevin Masse wrote:

	Hello group:

	I have a question relating to using an external DB in v2.8


	Are there specific steps that I can follow that are not in the
manual to use an external database.


	In the constants.yml there is only one reference to the database


	Can I edit the following from


	  dbhost: localhost           

	  dbport: 3306




	  dbhost: x.x.x.x (IP Address)      

	  dbport: 3306



	What else would be required?


	Of course that is with the understanding that I have a dump of
the database on the second machine.






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