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H Yavari hyavari at rocketmail.com
Fri Dec 5 07:02:34 EST 2014

Hi,I did the advertised-ip = my static ip config too, but this force NGCP to use it for all internal peers too.In my network (modem----TMG------NGCP---IP-PBX), How I should do NAT configs? I opened ports on modem and forward them from TMG to NGCP server that have an private ip. but I defined a domain in NGCP with my public ip address. So public users can register and make call without audio. How can I manage public users calls without NAT issues? I couldn't assign an static ip direct to my NGCP server.
Regards,H. Yavari
      From: H Yavari <hyavari at rocketmail.com>

Hi,I did my test in the local notwork and webrtc calls (web to soft phone) were ok. I defined a public domain for webrtc calling from internet, but now calls did not have audio. I opend port range 30000-40000 for RTP traffic on my TMG firewall. Are there any ports that I should open? Are there any NAT configs ?


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