[Spce-user] Hair-pinning through SPCE - Loss of RTP Traffic

Andrew Pogrebennyk apogrebennyk at sipwise.com
Mon Jul 14 05:02:34 EDT 2014


On 14/07/14 06:29, Gary Nieboer wrote:
> There is no NAT between the FreePBX and SPCE, The FreePBX and SPCE each
> use their own IP address for media and signaling.  
> There are two carrier peers involved which both use different IP
> addresses for media and signaling.  There is also no NAT between the
> carriers and SPCE.   The signaling comes from a single IP at each
> carrier, but a range of IPs for the media.   The carriers' proxies
> cannot reach the FreePBX IP address.  Only the SPCE can reach both
> FreePBX and Carriers without NAT.

using different IPs for the signaling and media is not a problem.
I think you should make a trace and compare it with rtp.log.

> config.yml   has the following line:
> nattest_exception_ips ~
> Is the above variable for potential media proxy IP address(es) or
> signaling proxy IP address(es)

those are signaling source IP addresses.

> How do I define a range of IP addresses?   Let's say I want to include
> -

Ranges are not supported, but honestly speaking it's not needed. This
option is usually needed only when sip:provider is deployed in private
LAN behind SBC which is relaying the signaling and media from public
internet to the sp:pro.

> How do I define a list of unique IP addresses?   Let's say I want to
> include and  

This is a list, one IP per line

Or put on a single line:
nattest_exception_ips: [,]

> Thanks for your assistance.   
> -Gary

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