[Spce-user] Having trouble routing inbound number to alias

Jack Lindsay jack.lindsay at sitelinq.co.uk
Mon Mar 31 09:00:04 EDT 2014


Yes, it's the SPCE n00b again...  sorry for all the questions!

I've managed to set up all my rewrite rules correctly, and I can see my 
incoming caller number being rewritten in the logs to E.164 standards.  
I have set up an alias on one of my subscribers with the same number 
(all three portions of the number match those of the inbound), and I'm 
trying to get the call routed to that alias.  Is that at all possible, 
and if so is there a simple way to tell it "over there!!"?

If it's not possible to route an inbound caller to a local callee alias, 
what's the best way to get things working?

Thanks again folks!


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