[Spce-user] Account Using PRI

Scott Fertig scottf at wcoil.com
Fri May 16 11:50:31 EDT 2014

Is there any special setup I need to do to create an account that uses a 
PRI? I ask because I know the PRI does not 'Technically' register. 
Currently I have an account that is on a opensips server and need to 
move it to sipwise, I can see within the opensips server the 'user' does 
not show as registered and calls are still being sent to and from the 
PRI. The device at the PRI is a cisco router and it appears that really 
I would need to create an account with the same user information as the 
router is already set as, add the additional numbers which are mentioned 
in the, dnis maps to that account and simply change the IP address on 
the router to the sipwise server. I am unsure if this is 100% correct 
though and would appreciate any input anyone else may have.


--Scott Fertig

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