[Spce-user] Account Using PRI

Daniel Grotti dgrotti at sipwise.com
Fri May 16 11:58:16 EDT 2014

Hi Scott,
no matter what technologies (PRI,BRI,etc) is behind a client/peer.
What you can do is to register you CPE as a subscriber on sipwise or you
can configure your CPE as a peer.
Probably, in this case you need a peer, since a PRI gateway should relay
calls to PSTN.


On 05/16/2014 05:50 PM, Scott Fertig wrote:
> Is there any special setup I need to do to create an account that uses
> a PRI? I ask because I know the PRI does not 'Technically' register.
> Currently I have an account that is on a opensips server and need to
> move it to sipwise, I can see within the opensips server the 'user'
> does not show as registered and calls are still being sent to and from
> the PRI. The device at the PRI is a cisco router and it appears that
> really I would need to create an account with the same user
> information as the router is already set as, add the additional
> numbers which are mentioned in the, dnis maps to that account and
> simply change the IP address on the router to the sipwise server. I am
> unsure if this is 100% correct though and would appreciate any input
> anyone else may have.
> Thanks!
> --Scott Fertig
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