[Spce-user] SIP REINVITE

Tabi Tabe Tabi tabi.tabe at gmail.com
Sun May 25 15:40:43 EDT 2014

Hi Colleagues,

We have a situation with MoH from a PBX connected to SPCE 3.2.1

When a call is placed on hold, there is no MoH and the call drops. We ran
packet capture and noticed the following:

   - When the call is placed on hold, a second invite message is sent to
   - SPCE replies with a 408 timeout *(they are both on the same LAN and
   normal call flow is fine)*
   - *Then the call drops*
   - Also, in the invite from SPCE to the PBX we see the following 18 4 8
   100 13 118 110 96, but no 101 (RTP Payload). Not sure if they are related.

We were informed by the PBX vendor that the the reason for the MoH failure
is due SIP REINVITE not activated on SPCE. I know SPCE support SIP REINVITE
but not sure how and where to verify the configuration. Any ideas in the
right direction is appreciated.


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