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Horace Miles Horace.Miles at myit-solutions.com
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Dear Alexander,

Thank you so much for all of your help.  All the answers you have given me has helped greatly.  I am experiencing the following problem:

I am trying to determine why a jitsi connection will not work.  I can find in the kamailio-lb.log where the connection is attempted.  However, I am unable to determine an error code as to why the user can not authenticate to the sip server using jitsi:  here is an entry from the kamailio-lb.log file

New request 
F=sip:hmiles at sip.myit-solutions.com
T=sip:hmiles at sip.myit-solutions.com
IP=udp:source Ip:5060

Relaying request
Du- sip:
Fs= udp:

R=sip:nagios at voip.sipwise.local
F:-sip:sipsak at
T=sip:nagios at voip.sipwise.local

Where would I find the reason the user is unable to authenticate at?
Where can I find an explanation of the entries in the log files?

Your help is very much appreciated..

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Dear Horace!

On 06/05/14 15:30, Horace Miles wrote:
> I notice there is a place to put my company log etc.  I don’t recall reading where to do that at.


> 8.1.2. Site Customization
> As an operator, you can change the appearance of the CSC panel by 
> modifying a couple of parameters in the section www_csc→site_config of 
> the config file /etc/ngcp-config/config.yml. Modify the site title, 
> your company details and the logo to reflect your use case.

then apply your config changes:


> 5.2. Apply Configuration Changes
> In order to apply the changes you made to /etc/ngcp-config/config.yml, 
> you need to execute the following command to re-generate your 
> configuration files and to automatically restart the services:
>> ngcpcfg apply

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