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Horace Miles Horace.Miles at myit-solutions.com
Thu May 8 23:43:01 EDT 2014

Thanks for the reply,

In /var/log/ngcp/  the kamailio-proxy.log is empty
In /var/log/ngcp/old/  the kamilio-proxy.log shows the following. 
The domain is correct and the subscriber username and password are correct.

May  8 05:23:55 sip proxy[4894]: ERROR: <core> [pvapi.c:790]: pv_parse_spec2(): error searching pvar "caller_cc"
May  8 05:23:55 sip proxy[4894]: ERROR: <core> [pvapi.c:994]: pv_parse_spec2(): wrong char [)/41] in [$(caller_cc)\1] at [11 (1)]
May  8 05:23:55 sip proxy[4894]: ERROR: <core> [re.c:181]: parse_repl(): subst_parser: bad specifier in replace part $(caller_cc)\1
May  8 05:23:55 sip proxy[4894]: ERROR: dialplan [dp_db.c:393]: build_rule(): failed to compile replacing expression $(caller_cc)\1
May  8 05:23:55 sip proxy[4894]: ERROR: dialplan [dp_db.c:111]: init_db_data(): failed to load database data
May  8 05:23:55 sip proxy[4894]: ERROR: dialplan [dialplan.c:200]: mod_init(): could not initialize data
May  8 05:23:55 sip proxy[4894]: ERROR: <core> [sr_module.c:970]: init_mod(): init_mod(): Error while initializing module dialplan (/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/kamailio/modules/dialplan.so)

I deleted the dialpaln, peers, which also deleted the Rewrite Rules and reapplied ngcpcfg. 


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is "sip.myit-solutions.com" name of the domain you have created through the web interface? it must match literally. If the domain name, username and password are correct there's really not that much that can go wrong. Check the kamailio-proxy.log to find the reason of failed authentication like wrong password or stale realm. Share the kamailio-proxy.log with the list if not sure. Check also "Security Bans" page in the web interface to see if you have not been banned as result of previous failed autentication attempts.
Hope this helps.

On Thursday, May 8, 2014 13:47 CEST, "Horace Miles" <Horace.Miles at myit-solutions.com> wrote: 
> Again thank you so much for your help.  
> I am able to connect to both the administrator and subscriber panels through the web interface.  I have created the Domain, customer, contact and subscriber accounts.  I also configured the inbound and outbound rules.  I can't find in the log files why I am unable to connect using a sip client.  I have downloaded and tried to connect using Jitsi.  However, I am unable to successfully connect.   
> I can find in the kamailio-lb.log where the connection is attempted.  However, I am unable to determine an error code as to why I can not authenticate to the sip server using JItsi  Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.  I really want to learn this and any documentation on the log files and where to look for error codes would be much appreciated.  here is an entry from the kamailio-lb.log file.  
> New request
> R=sip:sip.myit-solutions.com
> F=sip:hmiles at sip.myit-solutions.com
> T=sip:hmiles at sip.myit-solutions.com
> IP=udp:source Ip:5060
> ID=#########@0:0:0:0:0:0:0
> Relaying request
> Du- sip:
> Fs= udp:
> R=sip:sip.myit-solutions.com
> ID=#########@0:0:0:0:0:0:0
> R=sip:nagios at voip.sipwise.local
> F:-sip:sipsak at
> T=sip:nagios at voip.sipwise.local
> IP=udp:
> ID=#############
> Where would I find the reason the user is unable to authenticate at?
> Where can I find an explanation of the entries in the log files?
> Your help is very much appreciated..

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